About Us

It was 1987 in Oklahoma City when eight year old Katie discovered her passion: musical theatre.  She was a very shy child, but she loved to sing and soon the stage became her home.  Little did she know that in 1995 she would meet her future husband, Michael, while performing.  He too had found his passion and neither of them could ever imagine doing anything else.  They missed birthday parties, school activities and more, so they could go to rehearsal.  Nothing felt the same as stepping on that stage!  Fast forward to 2007 when they would open a performing arts academy to give children and youth the same opportunities they had growing up.  They have worked with hundreds of kids since, many of whom are WUNDERKINDS.  They are extraordinary, talented and passionate!

Katie and Michael have another wunderkind in their life and that is their daughter, Sophie.  Sophie’s passion is gymnastics.  She is in love with the sport and at a young age already has goals for her life as a gymnast.  It is for Sophie, their students at their performing arts academy and all of the other talented and passionate kids and teens in the world, that they founded Wunderkinds!




Wunderkinds is a sister brand of Gathered Nest Designs. Michael and Katie Morris started Gathered Nest Designs in August 2012. After adding gymnastics themed bedding to their product line, they saw the interest and need for more products themed around the passions and interests of kids, teens and young adults. Wunderkinds was born to meet this need.

If you have found your passion, you should consider yourself fortunate!  We know that you are talented and passionate, or you wouldn’t be here shopping at Wunderkinds.  You want to make your passion known and we are here to help you do it!

All of our products are customizable!  When you check out, you can select the colors and patterns you want for your duvet cover, canvas, shower curtain, etc.  We can create it with your name or initials if you want!  We want to create something that you will fall in love with and to which you will truly feel connected.

We would love to connect with you on social media and hear about your story and passion! Please take a look at our series, Meet Other Wunderkinds, which features wunderkinds just like you!


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