Meet Lauren


Meet Lauren! Lauren is a 6th grade student who loves running and soccer so much, she can’t choose between the two.


What does an average day look like for you? 

I wake up, go to school, after school I have either soccer practice, art club, or I train at our home track.


How old were you when you started your sports?

I started soccer when I was 5 years old and started running at 8.


Tell us about what inspired you to give it a try. 

My parents told me I needed to pick a sport/activity and I really loved soccer.


Was there a moment when you knew it had become your passion?

Not really, my passion for running is just getting started. I have been running a lot of 5Ks and I really like that.


What do you like the most about running and soccer?

They’re fun and challenging.


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Is there a coach you have had who really made an impact on your life?

I loved my U9-U10 soccer coach Jordan White. She was a great coach and I felt that she helped me the most in my sport.


How does running and soccer challenge you?

You have to have endurance and will to want to finish.


Is there a certain skill you are trying to achieve?

I want to run 10Ks and maybe one day a marathon with my dad.


How many hours to you train per week?

I train 3-4 hours per week.


What are three qualities an athlete in your sports should possess? 

Energy, passion and drive.


Do you look up to professional athletes in your sports?

Not really. I just enjoy playing my sport.


What advice would you give someone who wants to start playing soccer or running?

Have fun, play hard and be strong.


What are your goals with your sports? Do you wish to eventually be on a college team?

I don’t want to play college in soccer, but running is something that I will want to do for a while. Eventually I want to be able to race mountain and trail races.


What life lessons have you learned from your sport?

Working as a team definitely with soccer. With running, I think is just managing your pace/time.


Are you involved in any other activities or sports?

Yes, art club, student council, school safety patrol. I used to dance and perform in plays and stuff. I liked that, but there just isn’t enough time.


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