Meet Hannah


Meet Hannah! She is a 5th grade student who is an incredibly passionate swimmer.


What does an average day look like for you?

Go to school, go home and get ready for swim practice, every day.


How old were you when you started swimming?

I started swimming when I was 3, but I didn’t start competing until I was 8.


Tell us about what inspired you to give it a try.

My first coach Mr. John, because he was a good coach and taught me all that he could about the sport.


Was there a moment when you knew it had become your passion? If so, please tell us about that moment?

My first swim meet! I loved it. I knew then that this was my sport.


What do you like the most about swimming?

It is hard work, it’s full time and you get to spend a lot of time with your friends.


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Tell us about one of your favorite experiences or favorite memory you have had with swimming?  

My first state qualifying time. It was a crazy event. My favorite stroke, the 50 fly; I went off the block and my goggles broke. I wanted that state time cut so bad, though, so I just went as fast as I could and made it! It was my best swim ever.


How does swimming challenge you?

It challenges me to work harder and I am always hungry!


Is there a certain skill you are trying to achieve?

I want to make my zones time cut.


How many hours to you train per week?

I train 7 hours a week.


What are three qualities an athlete in your sport should possess?

They should have endurance, speed and passion.


Do you look up to professional swimmers? Who is your role model?

Yes, I have four: Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin, Katie Ledecky and Ryan Lochte. Katie is awesome because she has brought passion to the long distance events, plus she is so young.


What advice would you give someone who wants to start swimming competitively?

Get ready for a lot of hunger and hard practices.


What are your goals with your sport? Do you wish to eventually be on a college team?

Yes! I want to swim for Stanford.


What life lessons have you leaned from swimming?

Math, there is a lot of math in swimming. Also, time management. I have practice every day of the week, so I have to stay ahead on my school work.


Are you involved in any other activities or sports?

Nope, no time. Swimming is all the time.

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